About Us

Welcome to AbiMJewelry! Handcrafted gold & silver rings - One of a kind pieces of jewelry that become wearable art.

As far as I can remember - I've always been passionate about making art - painting and sculpture in particular.
Later on, I studied photography and then worked as a fashion photographer for more than 25 years. 
In 2013, I decided to fulfill my long time desire and studied metalwork. 

Working with my hands makes me happiest.
I have decided to open my shop , so I can share my creations with others. 
It is so thrilling to think that people on multiple continents wear my pieces... it's like letting a little part of me travel the world.
I am making all my jewelry in my home studio,
My jewelry are minimalist with geometric design, and I develop new designs all the time. It is common that I dream about my work, and wake up in the middle of the night to start sketch and design.. :)

Hope I can make your dream come true,